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“Shopping Sabor a Málaga", is an initiative created by the “Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo” through the “Escuela de Organización Industrial” (EOI) and the “Diputación Provincial de Málaga”, where both institutions have signed a collaboration agreement for the development  of the project "Dinamización del tejido productivo agroalimentario y mercado minorista a través de nuevos canales " in the Province of Málaga whose purpose is to perform diagnostics and design action plans in 25 SMEs in the agribusiness sector in order to increase in innovation and competitiveness in the context of the actions executed by EOI within the RISC program (“Redes de Innovación al Servicio de la Competitividad”). Through this joint commitment "Shopping Sabor a Málaga", an e-commerce platform that enables you to acquire excellence Malaga food products attached to brand promotion “Sabor a Malaga” directly from their producers without the mediation of third parties, is created.

Due to its different geography, the province of Malaga offers an impressive range of food products in its five (5) producing regions, a factor that differentiates our province from other interesting regions thanks to the “Productos del Campo” such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Citrus, Honey, Craft Beers, Pastry, Fruit, Vegetables, Wines, Subtropical, Raisins, Nuts and / or cheese; Great products have their livestock as from its Iberian pigs, Cabra Malagueña or Cattle; and possess five (5) fishing ports that capture more than a hundred species annually, resulting in a product that is “Sabor a Málaga” for all public, trends or occasions. Welcome to the Food & Agriculture Market in Malaga!

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